A retrospective view of the ANUDU

NOTE – This topic is really a descriptive summary with its examples being spread widely around the various segments of my Portfolio. This in itself is testament to the wide application of an integrated design approach to all physical and aesthetic needs which arise in the development of an institution such as a university, covering campus design, landscape design, architecture, interiors with furniture design, campus graphics of all kinds, lighting design, street furniture, art, sculpture – all involving design research ‘on the run’ but not recognised as research as understood by academics. The major difference is that our kind of design research did not allow for mistakes – we had to be right all the time – no time for prototypes and testing and certainly no research funding.

This is a story of a unique creative unit within the administrative area of the Australian National University which contributed aesthetically, physically and philosophically to the practical development of the ANU campus in the heart of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

While it is common for universities all over the world to have a position similar to University Architect I have never been able to find any other university with a specific Design Unit. (more…)